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5 years judicial experience with the Department of Licensing Over 3 years as Vancouver City Prosecutor As City Prosecutor, Successfully wrote a grant and started the City's Diversion program where first time offenders would be able to complete probation like conditions and have their charges dismissed at the end of 24 months Over 20 years experience as a New York State Trooper Recipient of expeditionary medal for service in war in Bosnia 1996   Recipient of the Governor's award for service at ground zero 911 Recipient of the 2002 City of Vancouver Leadership award   Instituted a sentencing matrix where every accused person would be facing the same range of punishments based on a fair and equal process;   Wrote legislation which made it unlawful to harm Police animals   Wrote legislation against aggressive panhandling   Wrote legislation enabling police to enforce the state penal code and not just city ordinances
Running for office is hard.  People will come out of the woodwork to either attack you or support you.   You have to develop a very thick skin. Whether it is something nice or something nasty that people  say - just saying it doesn't make it true. I don't know that I will get used to that in the coming months.  What I can say is that I believe in fairness, hard work, and due process. As a judge I will deal with  each case fairly and in accordance with the law. I will maintain a good temperament and I will listen to  the lawyers and the litigants. I will come to court prepared. I will be decisive but fair. If that is what  you want in a judge, I hope you will vote for me in the August primary and in the November election.   Thank you. 
Support Us Your support is appreciated. If  you are interested in supporting Josephine Townsend for Judge, checks can be made out to: Committee to elect Josie Townsend Judge and sent to: 211 E 11th Street, Suite 104, Vancouver, WA 98660 Political Lawn Signs Get yours at: 211 E. 11th Street Suite 104 Please place them prominently on your lawns and remember to respect public right aways.
Please feel free to contact the below listed attorneys and judges regarding my qualifications. For more see my “Support” page.
In elections for Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals and Superior Court, contested positions generally appear on the primary ballot. If a judicial candidate receives more than 50% of the votes in the primary, that candidate will appear on the November ballot without opposition. The primary will effectively determine the final outcome. BALLOTS MAILED     July 18th, 2012 PRIMARY DAY     August 7, 2012